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Living on the equatorial region gives a feeling that nothing changes much in the rainforest of greens. These are my experiments of trials and error in putting a right plant in the right place in my small container garden. These are the moments where I spend time with nature, where in essence I find & seek God in my quiet time. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and share your experiences, even a simple note is very much appreciated. Thank you and Enjoy !!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nocturnal Flowers

This is the second bloom (the first one had closed after finishing its exposed time)
I'm certain that these are nocturals - waiting for a bug or a moth to pollinate them.

Followed by the passion for them.
I did some research and found not much had been written about them.
(not that it would considered some means of important information I was seeking)

These are the very important questions - answers that I was seeking:

Why aren't my Passiflora plant blooming with many flowers?
Answers (or the closest guess or conclusion)

1) most likely they will take 3 years to fully mature and bloom.
Over fertilising can cause them to go dormant (the flowering plant)
and that they throw up with thousands of leaves without a single bloom.
So, you might want to watch out for that.
a) First year - no bloom
b) Second year - few blooms here & there.
c) Third year - Many explosive blooms.

2) They don't do well as a shaded plant, if at all - bright shade is the best option.
Total shade will not work for this plant.

This passion flower (Passiflora edulis) don't seemed to come out well with cuttings.
They can only grow well with seeds.
I have not known anyone tried successfully using cuttings,
if they do - then I might had missed out something.

These are what I had discovered so far.
If I had missed out any vital information.

Do care to share in my comment box..
(Please - don't cut and paste a whole log from another website)

Another nocturnal flowering plant that I had come to mesmerise is this Moon Vine. (Ipomea alba)
It is just like the Morning Glory but these bloom in evening till night time.
(the reverse of morning glory - which is ok with me)

The blooms are like satin soft and bigger than common morning glory flower.
The only set back is that it is badly infected with whiteflies.
(I think you can easily spot few of them here & there)

Their bloom just last for a night and it gets close shut tight by the morning.
The other thing is both of these flowers do not have strong scent. (or no scent at all)
So - I really not sure how they attract their pollinators.

One thing for sure.
It did attract my attention anyway.
Let me know if you favour any nocturnal flowering plants.
I do have the Orchid Cactus too which rarely flowers.
May have to wait until it shows up one fine day (or night)

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